I love video games, kittens, and vegging out in front of the tv for hours on end. I wear glasses, I don’t like spending more than 2 minutes doing my hair, and I hate dressing up. My favorite outfit is a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of Chucks (of which I have nearly 10 different pairs). I sleep with a stuffed dog named Eddie every night, and I am not ashamed. I am Kat, Kate, Katelyn, Kitteh.  I am me.

Originally from the East Coast (Vermont), I moved out to California after completing my BA in Religious Studies at Boston University. Before you ask, no I do not follow a particular religion myself. I currently work as a Community Manager for MochiMedia.

I am a very open-minded person and accepting of all people, regardless of race, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, etc. If you want to follow this blog, and especially if you comment, I only ask that you provide me and the readers of my journal the same courtesy.

I started this blog as part of my goals for 2011 and because I felt that it was important to create an online presence for myself, especially considering my job.  I intend to blog about everything from movies and television, to food, to random topics I simply find interesting.  My goal is to inspire myself and others to think more deeply and take on new challenges in life.

Currently I have five columns that I do on a daily basis (Monday through Friday) and I am also part of WordPress’ Post a Week 2011 Challenge.  Columns are as follows:

  • Movie Monday – Reviews of movies I have recently watched.  Some good, some bad, some ugly.
  • TV Tuesday – All about television.  Shows I love, hate, or recommend.  Reviews of episodes.
  • Writing Wednesday – Random writing.  Topics include random prompts, current world issues, and more.
  • Truth Thursday – Learn a little more about me.
  • Food Friday – All about food!  Recipes, photographs, and anecdotes.

Additionally, I will blog about other topics on a random basis, when I find topics that I feel are interesting or important.  If there is a topic you would like me to write on, do not hesitate to let me know on my Ask Me page.




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