Writing Wednesday: A Perfect Sunday

I am not feeling so well, and thus struggling for inspiration for what I should write about for today’s Writing Wednesday.  Thus, I am going to cheat a bit and grab some inspiration from the site Plinky (which you should check out if you are ever in need of a topic).

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday?

Beach along Highway 1 near Santa Cruz, CA.

The weather has been absolutely fantastic the last couple of weeks.  While the rest of the country has been under snow and freezing temperatures, we have had high 60s/70s and beautiful blue skies, not a spot of rain in the forecast.  This past weekend, despite being sick with a bit of a nasty cold, my boyfriend and I were itching to get out of the house.  It was just too gorgeous out to be cooped up playing video games.  So we hopped in the car and drove.  Soon we landed in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA.  We drove through beautiful countryside, the UCSC campus, and then jumped onto Highway 1 where we stopped at a few beaches.  Just as the sun was setting we landed at Pigeon Point Lighthouse where we watched the sun set over the gorgeous ocean.

A fantastic day with beautiful weather, beautiful views, and my amazing boyfriend.  That is my perfect Sunday.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse on Highway 1.

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean.


Food Friday: Hearty & Soul-Warming

As an effort to become more healthy this year, I would like to begin cooking more.  To encourage myself to do this (as well as blog regularly) I have decided to join in on Food Friday.  Every Friday I will make a post about food.  Sometimes it may be a random thought or adventure pertaining to food.  Other times it may be a photograph.  Occasionally it may even be a recipe.  I am hoping that as I expose myself to more delicious foods I will be encouraged to cook more, which will be crucial when I start my diet (which I will be doing on Monday).  Right now it’s not that I don’t know how to cook, it’s that I don’t know what to cook, and I am lazy.  Eating a frozen dinner or going out is much quicker (and easier), but it is also significantly less healthy.  And if we don’t have our health, then what do we have?

My first Food Friday post is a photograph of a delicious stew I made a couple months ago.  I was particularly proud of this stew, as I rarely ever make anything completely from scratch.  And this was my first time using a crock pot all by myself.  The recipe I used is actually from my lovely friend Amber, at Bluebonnets & Brownies.  It is called Cowboy Beef Stew and is absolutely delicious, and quite simple to make!  You can grab the recipe from her website (which actually has tons of delicious recipes).  The only change I made is taking out the celery (my boyfriend hates celery), and using decaf coffee instead of regular.  Yes, this stew has coffee, and as Amber said, I think that is what makes it so delicious.  This is a great dish for a cold night, or if you just want something hearty and soul-warming.




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